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Madison Heights Chiropractic Center

You have entrusted us with your health and  wellness.
We take that responsibility seriously by providing the best in patient care and service.   Every time you visit our office, you are greeted by friendly staff and are treated by knowledgeable professionals. It’s a standard that we have set for ourselves, and one that we commit ourselves to everyday.

We are extending our care and service commitment to you - with the flexibility of accessing our expertise whenever you need it. Whether you need to ask a question, explore a topic of interest or investigate a new product, you can do so by contacting us.

We invite you to experience a new world of chiropractic at Madison Heights Chiropractic Center.


Dr. Allen Kash (8143 bytes)         Dr. Allen E. Kash

Dr. Matthew Cohen


Madison Heights Chiropractic Center
28107 John R
Madison Heights, MI  48071
Phone (248) 542-3492

Email: MHC@MadisonHeightsChiropractic.com